The Shooting Star Program

152 US Route One #8
Scarborough, Maine 04074

Phone:  207-883-5882  |  Fax:   510-1831

E-mail DirectorRuth C. Hughes M.Ed

The Shooting Star Program

152 US Route One #8
Scarborough, Maine 04074

Phone:  207-883-5882
Fax:   510-1831

E-mail DirectorRuth C. Hughes M.Ed.

Parent Testimonials

When my wife and I started the process of finding a program for our daughter with Autism two years ago, we were very nervous about the possibility of putting her in "the wrong" program, so to speak. Like any parent, we love our daughter more than anything and were really hoping to get her into the best program available - one in which our daughter would thrive and grow to her true potential. More than anything, we wanted to find a program in which the teachers were professional, trustworthy, kind, gentle, resourceful and passionate about what they do - which, of course, is asking quite a lot, now that I think of it.
To make a long story short, we had already called several other schools who offer such services by the time we called the Shooting Stars. From the moment we spoke with them on the phone, we had the distinct feeling that this school stood out in many ways. After we had visited with them and observed their techniques for a time, we were convinced that we had found THE program that would be best for our daughter. We excitedly enrolled her shortly thereafter.
Our daughter has been in the program for two years now and we have no question about the quality of her experience or the efforts made by the teachers. These two years have simply been a miracle for our family and have made all the difference in our daughter's life. She is not fully functional at this point and may never be - there is no way for us to know. All we know for certain, at this point, is that she has received the best education and experience a little girl with special needs could ever hope for. She is surrounded by multiple teachers who truly care about her growth and we are very confident that everything that can be done to help her thrive is being done - and quite well, at that - every single day.
Benjamin McDorr

“Our three year old son joined Shooting Stars with multiple sensory issues, lots of autism related behavioral challenges and was non verbal. From the moment we walked through the door, I knew we'd found the right place for our little boy. There are many reasons SS is an amazing place (convenient location, thoughtful design of the space, therapies integrated with the daily program) but the real stars are the staff. I can't imagine a more warm, caring, capable, funny and supportive group of people to work with our son and support our family on this road to wellness. The progress he’s made in just a few months is nothing short of a miracle and we have the privilege of watching him come out of his shell a little more everyday thanks in no small part to this amazing program.”

"I cannot recommend Shooting Stars highly enough! The teachers and staff are all superb-patient, encouraging, supportive, straightforward, kind and knowledgable. Our son had a terrific year, honing critical skills for social settings and broadening his academic readiness through a thoughtful and thorough curriculum that still allowed a lot of time for free play. I truly appreciated the individualized attention that all children and parents received. I am so glad to have found Shooting Stars - you will be too!"
Emily Read

"From the first days we walked through the doors, Ruth and the entire staff was welcoming, enthusiastic and knowledgable. We love watching our son grow and evolve at Shooting Stars!"
Jennifer Steffen

"Our son Bryant has attended the shooting stars program for the past year. In that year we have seen tremendous increase in comprehension, communication skills, and  social interaction with  many children as well as adults. These are the types of skills that continue to help him function better on a daily basis that he was having deficits in prior to beginning preschool at shooting stars. The staff at shooting stars has always shown top performance when working with the children. They seem to always make them happier little souls. Bryant loves shooting stars so much that he asks for his teachers by name as he keeps on wanting to go back for more! Our shooting stars experience has truly set the foundation for Bryant to continue on a much more positive path in life with the early intervention that is offered at the shooting stars program! We are blessed to have found such an amazing start for Bryant."

Our daughter was diagnosed with Down Syndrome shortly after her birth. In the three years that followed, we spent countless hours driving to and from various programs and therapy visits. When we went to look for a preschool, we were surprised to find such an outstanding program right in our own backyard! In the Shooting Stars program, our daughter could have her individual needs met by highly educated, passionate and kind teachers, but she could also learn along side her typically developing peers and have the chance to make friends. We were sold, and honestly, we didn't even look at another program.

Our daughter has now been at Shooting Stars for three years, first in the orange and then in the Green Star classroom. I can say that the teachers and therapists are not only experts at what they do, but they have treated my child as an individual, and loved her as they would their own child. They even gave up a weekend with their families to attend a conference with us in Boston so they could learn more about teaching children with Down Syndrome. The teachers met with us before school and after every month preparing for her Kindergarten transition. I feel like the teachers are a part of our family now, they have encouraged us to grow. Not only have they helped our daughter grow and learn beyond anything that we thought was possible, they helped us along this journey in dealing with our daughter's disability as well. Finally, our daughter has succeeded, she is happy, she has friends both with special needs and without, and she is more than ready to make the big leap to Kindergarten next year. I can honestly say that we could't have done it without Ruth, Karyn and all the staff at Shooting Stars. Thank you, friends.

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